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Three Phase Kilowatt Hour Meter

The EDMK three-phase electronic energy meter is capable of measuring consumed and generated energy (four quadrants): Active energy (consumed and generated), inductive reactive energy (consumed and generated) and capacitive reactive energy (consumed and generated), plus metering partial energies. Measurements are in true effective value, via three AC voltages and neutral input (if available) and three AC current inputs (via …/5A, …/1A ) CTs.

The EDMK is a highly accurate metering device which measures the electrical consumption of three or four wire, single-phase and / or three-phase systems up to 480V.

This meter records Kilowatt Hours, Inductive and Capacitive kVar Hours.

The EDMK can be ordered as single tariff, three tariffs or single tariff with Modbus RS485 communications.

These meters can either be stand alone or “ganged” into a single enclosure for multiple metering applications.

In addition to displaying measured usage, the EDMK stores all readings into RAM before disruption of power.

Connected to these meters are National Meter’s labeled +/- 0.5% - 1% accurate solid core, split core or bar type current transformers. Please consult NMI application engineer.


EDMk-ITF-C2 # M31741 LCD 1
kW·h, kvarL·h, kvarC·h

EDM3k-ITF-C2 # M31743 LCD 3
kW·h, kvarL·h, kvarC·h

EDMk-ITF-RS485 # M31751 LCD 1 - RS-485
kW·h, kvarL·h, kvarC·h