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Four Quadrant Kilowatt Hour Meter which measures and displays kWh usage both Consumed and Generated.

The CEP 96 meter is a highly accurate metering device which measures the main electrical usage (kWh) in three or four wire, single-phase and / or three-phase 120 / 240 / 208V systems.

Measurements are in true effective value (TRMS), using three voltage inputs and neutral (if available) with two or three external current transformers having a …/5A secondary. This meter comes standard with one pulsed output for integration with existing BAS or LM24 / 50 pulse collectors.

This meter can either be stand alone or “ganged” into a single enclosure for multiple metering applications.

The CEP stores all readings into RAM before disruption of power.

Connected to this meter is National Meter’s labeled +/- 0.5% - 1% accurate solid core, split core or bar type current transformers. Please consult NMI application engineer.

Model: CEP96 – ITF # M30701