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Panel Mount Three Phase Generator Controller and Motor Protection Meter

To satisfy our customers’ needs, NMI offers the CVM96 power meter, which measures, calculates, and displays main electrical parameters (Volts / Amps) from any industrial three-phase, or single phase power system, either 2, 3 or 4 wire configurations.

True RMS voltage measurements of field programmable phase to phase or phase to neutral readings. Three phase Voltage and Current averages are available. Frequency range of operation is 0.1 Hz resolution between 20 – 600 Hz. The CMM 96 will also compute the unbalance voltage and current (Unb). This value is very important in the protection and maintenance of motor loads.

Maximum current readings are displayed (MD), which is similar to kW demand except the measurements are in Amps not Watts. This measurement is extremely important to determine if the service or circuit is large enough to handle the overall load.

The Demand Interval is field selectable between 5 – 60 minutes. The sliding window method is used in demand calculations.

These meters can either be stand alone or “ganged” into a single enclosure for multiple metering applications.

In addition to displaying all measured or calculated electrical parameters the CVM analyzers store all parameters into RAM before disruption of power.

Connected to these meters are National Meter’s labeled +/- 0.5% - 1% accurate solid core, split core or bar type current transformers. Please consult NMI application engineer.

CMM 96 - ITF

CMM 96 - ITF - REL