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Series K3000

Single Phase Kilowatt Hour Meter

Series 3000 single phase kWh meters are processor based (driven by firmware) for metering electrical usage in commercial, industrial, military and / or institutional facilities. Using 25 PPM Mill Spec components these meters are +/- 0.2% accurate through a wide temperature range. All readings are stored in a RAM chip, without the use of batteries. All readings are direct read, without the use of multipliers. Revenue grade meters do not allow the reset of Kilowatt hours.

All Series 3000 meters come with one digital pulsed output and Modbus RS485 communications as a standard offering.

Connected to these meters are National Meterís labeled +/- 0.5% - 1% accurate solid core, split core or bar type current transformers. Up to four sets of current transformers can be connected to these meters (consult NMI application engineer).


K3223 120 / 208 / 240 kWh

K3240 240 2W kWh

K3277 277 2W kWh