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Series K7V3

Three Phase Kilowatt Hour / kW Demand Power Quality Analyzer

Series K7V3 three phase kWh and kW Demand Power Quality Analyzers are processor based (driven by firmware) for metering electrical usage in commercial, industrial, military and / or institutional facilities. Using 25 PPM Mill Spec components these meters are +/- 0.2% accurate through a wide temperature range. All readings are stored in a RAM chip, without the use of batteries. All readings are direct read, without the use of multipliers. The maximum demand value is reset using a keyed switch.

All Series K7V3 meters come with two field programmable digital pulsed outputs and Modbus RS485 communications as a standard offering.

Connected to these meters are National Meterís labeled +/- 0.5% - 1% accurate solid core, split core or bar type current transformers. Up to four sets of current transformers can be connected to these meters (consult NMI application engineer).


K7V3240 120 / 208 / 240 P.Q.

K7V3480 277 / 480 / 480 P.Q.